For people who prefer to prevent instead of healing.

Beta Glucan Supplements of exceptional quality.

Natriche is a family business specialized in Supplements. By combining our experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality supplements and active ingredients, our mission is to offer you the right balance of targeted but above all effective supplements. Natriche mainly focused on Yeast Beta Glucan because of its exceptional effect. Natriche Immune contains the most ideal dose and contains at least 85% pure Yeast beta glucan.

Beta glucans are sugars found in the wall of the cell of yeast, moss, bacteria, fungi, mushrooms, algae and grains such as oats and barley. Beta glucans are used for high cholesterol, diabetes, colds, flu, allergies, etc. Yeast Beta glucan is also used to regulate the immune system *. They therefore support the immune system * when it is weakened and they inhibit the immune system when the immune system is too active.

*Health claims made on the basis of plant-based ingredients are currently being processed by the EFSA.

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  • Bakkers yeast Beta glucan
  • Natural and safe
  • Supports the immune system*
  • High dosed (85% pure Beta glucan)
  • In combination with Zinc, Selenium & Omega 3
  • Produced according to the ISO 22000 quality standarts
  • Free shipping from €25,-
    Outside The Netherlands €50,-
  • Good for athletes



Natriche Immune

The Zinc, Selenium and Yeast Beta Glucan, in combination with Omega 3 oil forms the basis for a stronger immune system, and is suitable for all. The most optimal dose of Yeast Beta Glucan is only two times a day the intake of one our soft capsule. Natriche Immune is a proactive supplement, which can be consumed year-round, so your immune system is always ready to protect your body against “intruders”. Even when the sun shines, your immune system can use a helping and supportive hand.

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Natriche Cholesterol

The unique composition of a Natriche Cholesterol soft capsule with Red Yeast Rice, Q10 and Fish Oil contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and the normal functioning of the heart. Natriche Cholesterol is a natural formula with 10 mg Monacolin K from Monascus purpureus (red fermented rice). The effect of Monacolin K from Monascus purpureus (red fermented rice) is praised worldwide for its effect, many reports from scientists have already been published.

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